“Murphy loves Copied Hall Kennels. He goes in happy and comes out happy. He’s been coming here for years. Now he is older he comes with a bag of pills, which I know will be given. The staff take care to put him with similar aged dogs so he usually has a special playmate while there. He really has a first class holiday. We frequently recommend the kennels to anyone in the New Forest who asks for advice. If fact we did so only this morning!”
Jane P of Sway

We have been using Copiedhall for several years now and my dogs tell me that they have a great time there. In fact one time when I dropped by there not to leave the dogs but for another reason , the dogs in the back of the car started whining with disappointment as we left .

Hi Everyone,
Richard and I would like to “Thank You” all sincerely for recently taking such good care of our much loved little treasures, Rosie and Max. They have come home in the very best of health, happy and tired.
When we leave to spend a holiday abroad, the most important concerns are that they are safe and secure, well fed, given a clean warm bed, fun and exercise and lots of love and kind care. We feel that copied Hall kennels provide all of these essentials and more.
Many years ago we considered placing our pets in a home care situation, but quickly realised that caring families, taking in other peoples pets, allows for doors and gates to be left open. We feel the security and safety of the dogs cannot be guaranteed in these situations, and this would not allow us as loving owners a worry free holiday. Also, Pet sitters may not be fully insured or licensed.
Thank you all at Copied Hall for allowing Rosie and Max freedom to run in the meadow and orchard in complete safety, We wouldn’t be happy for them being walked on leads on public roads; maybe in groups.
They have lovely holidays with you and we believe if they could speak, they would vote to come even more frequently!
Thank you, until next time. Jenny and Richard.

About copiedhallkennels

We are a Free Range boarding kennels situated in the New Forest in Hampshire. Free Range Kennelling allows sociable dogs the opportunity to mix and play with other dogs during the day, but have an individual kennel at night - giving your dog a ‘real holiday’ too! However if you opt for your dog(s) to be kept apart from others they will be given a family pen with their own yard and bedroom. All dogs will be run off the lead in our big grassy field or orchard twice a day in groups or individually.
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  1. Karen Mann says:

    This is the first time we have used Copied Hall Kennels and we were delighted at how well and content our dogs were during their stay. The kennels were very accommodating given a motorway closure over the weekend when we were due to collect them . They had to stay a couple more nights. We will definitely recommend to others and use again ourselves. Thanks so much.

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